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Moderation and minimalism of design was the key to ensure user-friendliness in excellent information density of the site. The company mission is to drive targeted customers to online purchase by engaging them in the context of rich product information and the most relevant deals, discounts and variety of coupons.

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We’ve used open sans font with an elegant touch of geometry while focusing on product storytelling. Above the fold product page features an image, a headline, a description, the price and promotion information, a call to action and special packages.

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Sancta Domenica likes to use the extra opportunity to present their products, and provide rich, intriguing information to solve the customer dilemmas. Multimedia tabs below give that fullness of knowledge in great details.


The additional goal was to open the space and draw attention to the opportunities of B2B marketing and centralising business in one digital space. We've created 50+ screens including customizable promotion landings, brand landings, special offerings and optimised checkout.

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