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The challenge of the task was to bring to life powerful, collaborative, multipurpose real estate platform and gain the trust of the real estate collective. The platform should provide working space for agents and sellers offering timeless home stories for buyers and seekers.

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Sellers, Buyers, Professionals & Enthusiasts

Green is the colour of stability, calm and life used for Landlords and Sellers, while Buyers and Tenants are using warm orange. Home Enthusiasts are presented with magenta and Agents with corporate blue.

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social media and storytelling

Finding the perfect home is one of the most challenging life tasks to cope with. While sketching the icons we gave much attention to simplicity and symbolism smoothing the user perception process without heavy elements or unnecessary distracting. We carefully choose typography, texture and varied gentile colour palette to create compelling, but soft and appealing landing.


To intrigue the seekers we've integrated interactive home stories view of each urban home, providing continuous flow through right organic feel in green garden homes and luxury properties with decoration wrapped in attractive feel & look.

property marketplace

Overall we have created 200+ screens including mobile app screens making this bold and seductive real estate story complete.


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We bring inspired ideas and unique approach to every project, which is why our clients love our design.

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