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See how much simpler and safer your day can be by using automatized HACCP toolkit.

Informed consumers and evolving government regulations are creating legitimate urgency to maximize safety and quality. Fully integrated HACCP toolkit works as fundamental part to food safety approach - consistently delivering high product quality and driving productivity.




Implement HACCP operating procedures, but never do paperwork again

Using HACCP Temperature Manager Solution, you’ll no longer have to worry about your staff correctly following many rules and regulations surrounding food safety.


Automatize corrective tasks making food safety a priority

You can quickly view and request corrective actions from any of your locations based on system notification and reports.


Do not miss food safety concerns, instead be two steps ahead of critical issues

Updates will instantly sync across all devices, so you always know what’s going on all of your locations. Most importantly, keeping a tab on your most critical tasks makes sure you’re compliant and on track for success.


Make sure food quality is consistent by monitoring remotely

Refrigerating and cold storage are essential for producing safe high-quality food products. This compliant cloud-based application is available on any browser and mobile phones.


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    Food delivery companies

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    Food storage companies

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    Other re-cooling and food preparation businesses


This HACCP toolkit is especially beneficial to administrators of various locations who can’t bee at each site every day. It provides the flexibility to manage all safety aspects from within the app. With integrated temperature solutions, hazard control checklists, and corrective action checklists, employees will always know how to handle safety issues.



HACCP Temperature Manager Solution is regulation focused and practically inspired to allow you smooth performance and needed safety in your day to day business operations.

After you plug and set your devices, the temperature data that is collected from the device is wirelessly sent and stored in the Centralized management system and then transferred to the app to the end user.

Compliant cloud-based solution

o   Wireless temperature monitoring device
o   Real-time sync app for all devices
o   Centralised management system
o   Multilanguage and multi-location

The Temperature Measurement Device

o Simple installation in minutes
o   Safety Alerts
o   Battery Alert and easy manipulation
o   Intelligent Analytics Platform
o   Plug and Play Solution
o   Deploy sensor networks in minutes with ease. No IT required.
o   NIST Calibration and IQ / OQ / PQ
o   Lifelong data storage

Temperature Management Dashboard

o   Simple installation in minutes
o   Managing data from multiple locations on a single platform
o   Customised advanced permission settings for multiple users
o   Connecting wirelessly to the device and collects temperature in arranged in  tervals
o   Continues to operate even when out of Wi-Fi range
o   Assign high and low-temperature settings for each device
o   Consistent and complete record-keeping and analysis
o   Multiple languages available
o   Tamper-proof data management

Mobile Application

o   Designed to work on any smart device
o   An intuitive interface makes it easy to program
o   Handles Notes and Corrective Actions
o   User Alerts when the device is outside of customised parameters


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