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  • Unique
handmade products

MivaArt is established as a social initiative with the primary goal to include people with decreased abilities in the working environment, mainly to promote equality and self-worth.

  • Embracing
contrasting styles

The usual MivaArt day is wrapped up in making creative, unique handmade toys, decorative products and clothes inspired by nature and raw unprocessed material. We wanted to reflect the dedication and love in a fresh color and minimalism with full focus on artistic work.

mivaart screens
  • Pastel

The architecture is overall well organised, soft and transparent. Logo adds a playful element. Combining serif and san serif typeface fonts with pastel colours on a transparent background the design achieves the effect of being a bright, minimalistic but warm presence at the same time.


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We bring inspired ideas and unique approach to every project, which is why our clients love our design.

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